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If you’re seeking to avoid a costly trial or resolve a legal dispute in a comprehensive and responsive manner, turn to the highly-respected legal team at Breakthrough Mediation & Arbitration. Our full-service, dispute resolution firm has helped countless individuals and businesses across Florida settle disputes efficiently and cost-effectively. Our team of professional mediators, arbitrators, umpires and educators are here to guide you through the resolution of complex dispute issues one step at a time.

Recognized as one of the area’s leading mediation and arbitration firms, the experience of Breakthrough Mediation & Arbitration’s team spans trial attorneys, retired Judges, specialized litigators, and other professionals who offer decades of experience in a wide variety of law. Our firm specializes in personal injury, insurance, labor, employment, commercial litigation, business transactions, intellectual property, condominium and homeowners association, accounting, IRS tax disputes and family law.

In addition to dispute resolution, Breakthrough Mediation & Arbitration assists attorneys, mediators and insurance adjusters in obtaining their required Continuing Education Credits with specialized programs for each field. We provide both in-person and videoconferencing seminars.

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