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Florida Arbitration Services

Arbitration involves the submission of a dispute to a neutral third party, known as an arbitrator or panel of arbitrators, who acts as a private judge. The arbitrator makes a binding decision after reviewing evidence and hearing arguments from both sides. Arbitration is often used as an alternative to litigation when parties want a final and binding resolution.

Arbitration offers a streamlined and effective way for Florida businesses to resolve disputes outside the courtroom. It’s a process where impartial arbitrators make binding decisions based on the evidence and arguments presented by the parties involved. This method is valued for its efficiency, allowing businesses to settle disagreements quickly and get back to their operations with minimal disruption.

Our arbitration services at Breakthrough Mediation are designed with business needs in mind. We provide expert arbitrators who specialize in commercial law and understand the complexities of various industries. Our approach is tailored to each case, ensuring that every dispute is resolved fairly and with a deep understanding of the specific challenges and requirements of your business.

Choosing arbitration with Breakthrough Mediation means opting for a confidential and binding resolution process. We ensure that the details of your case and the final decision remain private (unless otherwise required by law), offering a discreet alternative to public court proceedings. Contact us to leverage the benefits of arbitration for your business disputes and experience a professional resolution path that prioritizes your business’s continuity and integrity.

Arbitration Benefits

  • Efficiency and Speed: Arbitration proceedings are typically faster than court litigation. The scheduling is more flexible, and the process is streamlined, often resulting in quicker resolutions. This can be particularly beneficial in business contexts where time is of the essence.
  • Cost-Effectiveness: While not always cheaper, arbitration can be more cost-effective than court cases. The shorter duration of proceedings and the simplified process can result in lower legal fees and expenses.
  • Confidentiality: Unlike court cases, which are public, arbitration proceedings are private. This confidentiality can be crucial for businesses and individuals who wish to keep the details of their dispute and its resolution out of the public eye.


  • Expertise of Arbitrators: Parties in arbitration can select arbitrators with specific expertise relevant to their dispute. This specialized knowledge can lead to a more informed decision-making process, which is particularly advantageous in complex technical or commercial matters.
  • Flexibility: Arbitration allows more flexibility in terms of procedure and rules. The parties can have more control over how the arbitration is conducted, including choices regarding the number of arbitrators, the applicable laws, and procedural rules.
  • Finality: Arbitration decisions, or awards, are typically final and binding, with limited opportunities for appeal. This finality can provide a sense of closure and avoid prolonged legal battles.

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