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Florida Special Master / Magistrate Services

Our seasoned experts excel in guiding law firms, businesses, and individuals through intricate legal processes. By integrating these services with our established mediation and arbitration solutions, we offer a seamless approach to conflict resolution.

Our Special Masters and Magistrates are legal connoisseurs, adept at managing elaborate cases, streamlining discovery, and handling intricate pre-trial motions. Their involvement ensures a more efficient legal process, cutting down on time and costs, while alleviating the burden on court systems. Their expertise is not just an asset but a necessity for navigating today’s complex legal landscapes with finesse.

We’re committed to delivering clarity and concise resolutions in even the most challenging disputes. Let us be your guide and ally in the legal world, ensuring your case moves forward with efficiency and expertise. Reach out to us and transform your legal challenges into manageable solutions.

Benefits of a Special Master / Magistrate

  • Expertise in Complex Matters: Special Masters and Magistrates often have specialized expertise in particular areas of law or complex case management. This expertise is invaluable in dealing with technical details that might be outside the typical purview of a court.
  • Efficient Case Management: They can expedite the legal process by handling specific issues or aspects of a case, such as discovery disputes, which can otherwise slow down proceedings. This leads to a more efficient resolution of the case.
  • Reduced Burden on Courts: By delegating certain responsibilities to a Special Master or Magistrate, courts can reduce their workload, allowing judges to focus on the core aspects of cases. This can lead to quicker resolutions and less congested court dockets.


  • Flexibility: They can be more flexible in terms of scheduling and procedures than a traditional court, which can be beneficial for all parties involved. This flexibility can lead to a more tailored and efficient process.
  • Improved Settlement Discussions: Their involvement can facilitate more effective settlement discussions, as they can offer an informed perspective on the merits and weaknesses of each side’s position.
  • Consistency in Ongoing Cases: In cases that span over a long period, having a consistent figure managing certain aspects can provide continuity that is beneficial for complex litigation.

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