We like to say “Peace Has a Value”. Here’s Why:

Twelve years ago, I went through a divorce, and we had to use three mediations to get that settled. The reason is: we had the wrong mediator for the first two mediations. Finally, for the third one, we brought the right person in, and she was able to help us break through the log jams. A couple of hours later, everything was done. As we were leaving that mediation, my former wife and I (we got along pretty well) looked at each other and said, “Hey, we would have saved a lot of time, a lot of emotion, and a ton of money had we brought the third person in at the beginning.

So, we realized that the right mediator made a tremendous difference. We also felt like each of us had probably given too much. But two weeks later, we were talking again, and we realized that we were just happy it was done. We each realized the value of having that peaceful feeling that we weren’t having the case hanging over our heads, drawing money out of our wallets, and stressing us out on a daily basis.

So, peace has a value because having it done, saving money, and feeling that relief is tremendous. So we’d like to remind you that it’s ok, peace has a value, and there are bigger things in life.

Hope this helps. If you have any questions, reach out to us!