Yvette M Trelles

Yvette M. Trelles



Highly skilled mediator and accomplished trial attorney with over 30 years of experience in dispute resolution and litigation. Committed to facilitating fair and amicable resolutions in various legal matters. A proven track record of community leadership and dedication to promoting harmony in diverse settings.

As a dedicated mediator with extensive trial experience, Yvette M. Trelles possesses a unique skill set, combining her ability to navigate complex legal matters with empathy and fairness. She excels in representing clients in court and has achieved favorable outcomes in numerous high-profile cases. Her cultural sensitivity, negotiation acumen, and exceptional communication abilities make her an asset in facilitating effective dispute resolution. Fluent in Spanish, Yvette bridges language barriers and fosters open dialogue, ensuring all parties have a voice in the process.

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      Work History

      • Breakthrough Mediation | 2023-Present
      • Trelles & Bichler, LLC | 2015-Present
      • Lytal, Reiter, et al | 2012-2015
      • Trelles Law, PA | 2000-2012
      • Traffic Magistrate, Palm Beach County | 1995-2004
      • Lytal, Reiter et al | 1991-1999
      • Over 50 trials to verdict in State and Federal Court



      • J.D., University of Florida, College of Law | 1991
      • B.S.B.A., University of Florida | 1988


      • Native Floridian of Cuban descent

      • Mother of two daughters: Alexandra (26) and Natasha (16)

      • Interests: Promoting cultural diversity, traveling, and exploring diverse cuisines.

      Areas of Expertise

      • Mediation and Conflict Resolution

      • Trial Experience in Personal Injury, Wrongful Death, and Medical Malpractice Cases

      • Negotiation Strategies

      • Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR)

      • Communication and Active Listening

      • Cultural Sensitivity and Diversity Awareness

      • Client Control

      • Neutral Case Evaluation

      Personal Accomplishments

      • Successfully represented clients in numerous high-profile trials, involving injuries, wrongful death, and medical malpractice.

      • Facilitated successful resolutions in a wide range of disputes through mediation, demonstrating a keen ability to foster understanding and collaboration among parties.

      • Cultivated a reputation for impartiality and fairness, earning the trust and respect of both clients and legal professionals.

      • Fluent in Spanish, enabling effective communication with diverse clients and stakeholders.

      Community Involvement

      • Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation, Board Member | 2013-2017

      • Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation, Corporate Chairman | 2011

      • Hispanic Chamber of Commerce of Palm Beach County, Board Member | 2003-2015

      • Hispanic Chamber of Commerce of Palm Beach County, Chair | 2008-2010

      • ASPIRA, Board Member | 2007-2008

      • Palm Beach County, Grievance Committee | 2002-2005

      • Palm Beach County, Chair, Grievance Committee | 2004-2005

      • Palm Beach County Bar Association, Treasurer | 1999-2000

      • Palm Beach County Bar Association, Board Member | 2000-2001

      • Hispanic Bar Association of Palm Beach County, President | 1995-1996

      • Actively engaged in community service and volunteer work, fostering stronger ties and understanding within the community.


      $395/hour up to 3 parties. $125/hour per party 4 parties and up.

      Minimum Fees:

      • Half-Day: 2 Hour minimum
      • Full Day: 4 Hour minimum


      Due to the convenience and efficiency of Zoom, all in-person mediations are assessed a travel fee (portal to portal) charged at 50% of the hourly rate. This is waived for Full Day appointments in Broward, Palm Beach, and Martin Counties, as well as Ives Dairy Road locations in Miami-Dade County. Please confirm in person appointments with our office before scheduling (we will place a hold) so that we can confirm that the Neutral is available to travel that day.