Global Mediation Services

Resolve Your Dispute Through Alternative Dispute Resolution

At Breakthrough Mediation, we are ready to help resolve your dispute through alternative dispute resolution. Trials are lengthy and costly, mediation has helped many people to reach agreeable settlement terms without the need for litigation. Our mediators have decades of experience in negotiation and conflict resolution. They are prepared to guide you through complicated disputes to the common ground that both parties can stand on comfortably. If you have multiple pending cases that your firm is representing against a single defendant, plaintiff, or other law firms, please consider our global mediation services.

Benefits of Global Mediation Service

Global Mediation is a great option for bulk case mediation and has benefits for all parties involved. When considering a large caseload or impending case dates, Global Mediation may be the solution for your needs. Some of the benefits involve:

  1. Time Savings – Naturally, when mediating multiple cases in one sitting, reduces time and scheduling headaches from multiple angles. Locking in all parties involved to one date from both parties, the time savings of scheduling each of these mediations is reached in a timely manner.
  2. Cost Savings (flat rate for a full day) – In addition to the time savings, a cost-benefit also comes built into this resource as Breakthrough Mediation offers a flat rate cost for the mediation for the full day. 

3.  Free up resources elsewhere – Lastly, in a wrap-up benefit of the previous highlights, the time and cost savings allow your firm to utilize resources more freely by cleaning up schedules that may have been booked for multiple days as opposed to one.

Book Your Global Mediation Service With Breakthrough Mediation

As one of South Florida’s most trusted mediation firms, we have resolved hundreds of cases, saving time and money in the process. Breakthrough Mediation has several mediators, each with their own style and areas of expertise. Our expert mediators are here to help resolve your dispute without going to court. Mediators can facilitate settlements much more quickly than a judge or jury and they are capable of mediating several disputes at once. Get started with our global mediation services today by scheduling through our tool above.

Looking for more? We are more than just mediators, at Breakthrough Mediation we have monthly seminars which attorneys, paralegals, mediators, and insurance adjusters can attend for Continuing Legal Education credits or CLE credits, which are a requirement for those practicing in Florida. Seminars and mediation can be attended through video conferencing. Sign up for free today.