Our number one goal in mediation is for both sides to feel like they came away from the experience with a positive outcome. Sometimes that can mean adapting a mediation to one client’s personality type. There are a few things that we wish all of our clients knew, and so we put together a series on the Secrets of Mediation.

The first secret we wish that everyone knew? Side-text the mediator. We give all of our clients our cellphone numbers, as we imagine that most mediators do, so if you feel like your client isn’t responding well to the way the information is being presented in the mediation, then side-text the mediator. Let us see what your client needs.

If your client needs to be told what the reality of the situation is, or if they need to be handled more gently, let us know. But do so in a way that doesn’t make your client feel like you’re not there for them Send us a text on the side, and we will be able to alter course, and your client will hopefully feel heard, without explicitly having to complain.

Coming soon will be our second and third secret, so stay tuned!