Welcome to Why No is the Most Important Question, or most important answer you can get in any negotiation where you want to settle the case. Why is that? Because No brings out the real issues. We find out what’s stopping somebody from making a deal, not just getting them to say yes.



Here’s an Example

If you think about it, when a telemarketer calls you: do you want more money? Of course you do. Do you want more free time? Well, yes. But you know there’s a catch coming. What’s stopping you from making more money? What’s stopping you from having more free time? The real issue is what’s going to stop you from doing whatever that salesperson wants. Or, in a negotiation, what’s stopping them from settling their case?

So a better question is:

What about this doesn’t work for you? It’s one of our favorite questions, and it tells us why someone wants more money, or wants to pay less money. Then we can work with that to see if there’s a way to solve the case, or to settle the case. Eventually no is what’s going to lead to yes and allow you to resolve the case, or settle the lawsuit, or even make a better deal when trying to buy a car.

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