At the beginning of every mediation, we perform a simple personality test. This usually involves a few questions, and is done so that we know how to best serve you.


Here is the question we always start with:

Which of these most describes you in general:

    1. I am an action oriented person who is most comfortable when in charge
    2. I am a people person who values friendship in my relationships and likes to build consensus
    3. I am calm and cool under pressure and like to make logical, rather than emotional decisions
    4. I like to study lots of information before making decisions

Now, of course, you’re going to have elements of all of those. What’s important is which one fits the most. This allows us to figure out what type of person you are, therefore, we can address the information accordingly. For instance, if you’re described best by number one above, you probably like to be in charge. Other people might like to have lots of information, and as many details as possible before making a decision. For those people, we have to make sure that we are giving them all of those details they require in order to feel comfortable. Often, that means giving them to the m in writing, in advance, so as to give them time to digest. In contrast, a person who is more like number one just wants the big picture, and then they often feel they can make a quick decision.

This stylization allows everyone to have all of the information they need to feel like they can make the best decisions. And, we can figure out what pieces of information everyone needs in order to best resolve the case.

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